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Exploring ‘The University of the Future’ at Melbourne EdTech Week

19 August, 2022

OES’s Executive Director, Market Development, Claire Sadler joined a panel of industry experts at the recent Melbourne EdTech Summit exploring the topic of ‘Realising Human Potential – The University of the Future’.

Here are the key take aways from the panel discussion:

  • Employment data will be a critical input to predict industry skill requirements of the future for new and existing courses.
  • The future student is a lifelong learner who will have multiple careers in their lifetime and require continuous re-skilling. Universities will need to meet the evolving needs of industry and learners.
  • Online user experience (UX) will be critical regardless of learning mode. Higher education can learn from the retail sector to offer personalised omnichannel journeys from the first contact through to graduation.
  • Experiential learning including virtual and hybrid internships can provide a critical solution to scale up industry experience programs.

Thanks to EduGrowth for hosting Melbourne EdTech Week. These discussions are vital to driving innovation across the education and skills sector to meet the future of work.