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Instant information access supports student learning

23 March, 2017

We live in a time where you can use instant access to information to meet your needs. Hungry? UberEATS. Traffic up ahead? Ask Google maps. Buying new jeans? Check your banking app.

Want to know when your next assessment is due? We’ve created an app for that.

Launched in March, the new app is a custom built extension to student’s new Learning Management System Canvas and is a tool to better support and personalise the student learning experience.

Optimising the learning experience

OES Executive Director, IT & Operations Matt Parker says the app is in response to a growing reliance on mobile and to further optimise the student learning experience.

“We work very hard to understand the needs of online students and how we can leverage technology to help them succeed. We know a high proportion of the students we work with are leading busy lives and want to be able to optimise the time they have available to study.

“With this app, students can customise their notifications and stay instantly updated on what is most important to them and plan quickly,” Matt says.

Based on research

The new app is based on research into student feedback and will enable students to access vital study information instantaneously via mobile. It includes newsfeeds, notifications, announcements and assessment deadlines all in the one place to meet the needs of online students.

“In talking to online students, we’ve come to understand that having the ability to use mobile phones as a study tool, even in short bursts of time, is very important to them.

“We developed this app for the student in line at school pick up wondering what the weekend looks like and the full-time working student that needs to know if they have an evening devoted to family or if they need to fit in some study first,” Matt says.

With more than 76% of university students preferring mobile apps over mobile web – it’s imperative to use technology solutions like mobile apps to engage students and support their learning experience because they’re faster and can be more targeted to their needs.

“Many online students are fitting study in around work, travel and families which makes app based programs crucial to bringing study to students their way. Students can’t be limited to a desktop they need to have the ability to access materials whenever and wherever they are.

“As education technology advances and becomes more interoperable, it’s becoming easier to mix and match the best platforms and technologies to provide students with an increasingly compelling experience.”