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Reimagining online learning

OES will transform the lives of your learners by increasing their access to high quality online education. We bring the experience, infrastructure and workforce capability required to deliver an online portfolio for you at scale, and use the latest technology and approaches to deliver a world class teaching, learning and student experience. Plus, by being part of the SEEK Group, we benefit from the affiliation and insights of a global digital leader.


  • Best practice – high quality learning design solutions in online and blended learning
  • Future proof – a contemporary, sustainable and highly engaging learning experience
  • In safe hands – over 1,000 online units developed for universities in Australia, NZ and the UK
  • Respectful collaboration – cultivating respectful, trusted and collaborative relationships with academic teams.

“The quality of communications and collaboration between our academic team and OES’ curriculum developers has been exceptional. That’s at the heart of it – collaboration.”

Associate Professor, John Banks
Queensland University of Technology

The highest quality for you and your learners

Building a tailored solution,
designed around your needs

OES has a proven track record of high quality, engaging online experience including adaptive learning technologies, competency based learning, personalised learning options, simulations, virtual reality, and gamification to evolve and innovate course offerings.

We have designed more than 1,000 units across over 60 programs for universities in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., enabling exceptional online learning experiences for over 40,000 online students.

We are experts in:

  • Translating on-campus programs to online
  • Optimising existing online units
  • Developing high-quality materials to support a blended offering.


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Our capabilities

OES has a Learning Design team comprising more than 80 staff to enable scalability without compromising quality.

This large team of specialists optimises all aspects of the course for an online environment and ensures that rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance safeguards are applied at every stage of the student journey. The team also comprises a large number of highly-qualified academic staff with a wealth of experience and knowledge across a range of disciplines.

Our team of online learning experts will work collaboratively with your subject matter experts to design and build engaging, educative online programs that are underpinned by quality academic principles.

A diverse, highly qualified team

OES has scalable team of online learning experts, based in Australia, who understand the local education system and regulatory environment. They work collaboratively with your subject matter experts to design and build engaging online programs.

Our team includes a large number of highly-qualified academic staff with a wealth of experience across a range of universities and disciplines.

  • Program Designers
  • Application Developers
  • Content Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Learning Designers
  • Information Specialists
  • Multimedia Developers
  • User Experience Experts


We can design and develop a broad range of learning materials

Case study: utilising VideoScribe

Videoscribe animation to depict a complex criminology theory

Utilising Videoscribe, our design team were able to deconstruct a complex theory (provided in a large amount of text-heavy content) and translate it into a digestible, engaging format.

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