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OES meets market demand for bespoke learning services

16 March, 2021

For close to a decade, Online Education Services (OES) has been leading the higher education sector to reimagine learning, driving constant innovation through long-running and deep partnerships with universities in Australia and the UK. While OES is globally recognised for its end-to-end online program management, it is also responding to the demand for new partnership styles through a suite of Customised Education Solutions. These bespoke online learning solutions can be tailored for higher education and industry environments.

What are Customised Education Solutions?

Customised Education Solutions are a suite of flexible, completely customisable online learning services. They have been designed to support the diverse needs and business objectives of higher education, employers and industry clients wishing to uplift or improve the learning experiences they offer.

OES Customised Education Solutions include:

  • Learning Design – Best practice online learning designed in collaboration with academic and industry experts.
  • Learning Analytics – Leading data interrogation and interventions to enhance learning design and to improve student engagement and retention.
  • Simulations – Real-time simulations that prepare learners for the workplace with leading edge Mursion technology.
  • Student Support & Coaching – Managing technology and enrolment enquiries through to student success coaching driven by learning analytics.

Who are Customised Education Solutions for?

OES Customised Education Solutions can be tailored to any organisation that delivers learning to students, staff or industry members. As well as universities and TAFEs, OES is delivering Customised Education Solutions for clients in the public, corporate and non-profit sectors, enabling them to uplift their workplace training and professional development opportunities. Industry associations are also working with OES to offer their members more value through online accreditation and competency training.

“Relying on our online expertise and proven collaboration method, OES is uniquely positioned to help organisations achieve learning and business goals,” said Denice Pitt, CEO of OES.

Customised Education Solutions for higher education clients

Universities and TAFEs offering online education know how much learning design quality impacts academic outcomes and student retention. Truly rewarding online experiences can enhance reputation and attract new cohorts of students.

“At the heart of OES’s business is our capacity to develop a fit-for-purpose approach to education. Our solutions futureproof online and on-campus learning and achieve lasting commercial benefits,” Denice explained.

Customised Education Solutions allow OES to flexibly enable organisations at every point of the online journey:

  • Learning Design – Our expert learning designers can translate on-campus programs for the online environment, uplift existing online content or design new materials to enable blended learning. Find out more.
  • Learning Analytics – OES expertly harnesses student data to deliver predictive analytics, enabling educators to refine programs and support students at key points in the learning journey. Find out more.
  • Simulations – As one of the only operators of Mursion© simulations technology in the Asia Pacific, OES is uniquely placed to help students hone their skills in authentic simulated environments. Find out more.
  • Student Support & Coaching – Personalise your support to create positive relationships with students and boost progression and retention rates. Fast response times for inbound enquiries, career coaching and proactive outreach for ‘at risk’ students.

Customised Education Solutions for employers and industry clients

While investing in professional development can increase staff retention and workplace capacity, delivering training can be time-consuming and costly, with variable outcomes. For employers and industry, OES can deliver fit-for-purpose online tools that enable flexible, self-paced learning. Importantly, the learning outcomes can be easily measured and the online units can be updated as needed:

  • Learning Design – Our learning design team partners with employers and industry to design learning solutions that support business objectives. OES can deliver online accreditation, compliance and competency frameworks, online workplace training and online professional development. Find out more.
  • Simulations – These can be used to authentically prepare staff for wide-ranging workplace scenarios. OES can replicate customer service interactions, workplace negotiations, a classroom, a clinical environment or any setting that requires human interaction. Our simulation experts will create genuine scenarios that meet specific business objectives. Find out more.

Whether organisations require a single training unit or a long-term workplace education program, OES can embed the tools and knowledge required for high-impact learning.

Find out more about how OES tailors Customised Education Solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Customised Education Solutions in action:

  • For our long-term partner Swinburne Online, data-driven interventions led to major improvements in student retention and millions of dollars in saved revenue. Read the case study here.
  • In response to COVID-19, OES fast-tracked its innovative Customised Simulations to support pre-service teachers who were unable to access school placements. Through live virtual reality training, the student teachers were able to test and reiterate their classroom skills, interacting with multiple actor-driven avatars at one time.
  • For the launch of Auckland Online, the online arm of the University of Auckland, OES collaborated with leadership and academic staff to co-design its first online degrees. These exemplar courses played a key role in defining Auckland’s online approach for future programs. Read the case study here.
  • Through outbound call campaigns designed to build students’ capacity to achieve progression, OES success coaching has supported a 5% increase in student retention for two Australian higher education partners.