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OES x HEDx Partnership

09 February, 2022

We are pleased to announce that OES is the official sponsor of the HEDx Live event series for 2022. OES’s proven track record supporting university partners through their digital transformation and ongoing commitment to creating student-centric experiences aligns with HEDx’s mission to change higher education for good.

The HEDx-OES partnership brings together deep specialised skills in online higher education, company culture and student experience. As the higher education sector continues to respond to the ever-changing public health and digital landscape HEDx and OES provide a series of invaluable problem-solving events and conversations to industry leaders.

“OES is committed to partnering with the education sector to shape online student success and employability outcomes. To future-proof the online and hybrid student experience it’s important to make space for big picture conversations. It’s for this reason we are delighted to be partnering with HEDx,” said Denice Pitt, CEO of OES.

The higher education sector globally stands on the verge of significant change. The new partnerships that will emerge between universities and others will lead the transformation that the sector has in front of it. “Universities will see a wave of innovation in 2022 as we all find new ways of changing higher education for good. This partnership between HEDx and OES is a model of how new partnerships will be formed to fuel innovation and new ways of addressing the pressing issues the sector is facing and generating better outcomes for all,” said Professor Martin Betts, co-founder of HEDx.

Karl Treacher, co-founder of HEDx added, “For many the future of higher education in Australia remains uncertain, however what is certain is a demonstrative, seismic shift in leadership responsibility and associated capabilities. University leaders are now required to make more decisions in general, faster across a vast array of topics, many without precedent. Through the HEDx and OES Live Event series industry leaders have an opportunity to explore collective challenges and solutions in a new and engaging format.”

You can find out more about the HEDx Live Event series here.