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Arlene Stewart

Director, Academic and Operations – UK

Arlene Stewart brings a precise understanding of the UK online education market to her role, managing OES’s UK operations. Playing a key part in OES’s international engagement, Arlene establishes and maintains relationships with the company’s UK partner institutions, while simultaneously building and nurturing the high-performing UK team.

“What drives me is ultimately the student experience. It’s a pleasure working with colleagues across the business who are genuinely invested in the student experience, and who are continually pushing the envelope of what we’re able to do.”

In 2004 Arlene was co-founder of IDI – one of the first UK end-to-end online education providers, which is now part of OES. Understanding what it takes to build an online education company from the ground up, Arlene has an unparalleled understanding of the UK market, and years of experience working directly with higher education institutions and accreditation bodies.

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