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Karen Harvey

Director, WSU Online

Passionate about creating equitable access to education, Karen Harvey oversees academic quality for one of OES’s partner universities. An open, honest and enthusiastic leader, Karen manages a large and engaged team, ensuring OES’s highly skilled people feel empowered to lead and innovate. She creates trusted partnerships with university stakeholders, combining her commitment to students with valuable commercial experience.

“I love working with our partner to create innovative new ways to bring online learning to life. I am excited about the opportunities online education creates for people who may not be able to study on campus.”

Karen has more than 15 years’ experience in business and academic leadership roles. She joined OES in 2018 following a career in business consulting and FMCG management. A doctoral candidate, Karen’s research on career change experience contributes to her deep understanding of students’ needs. She is also a board director for a not-for-profit youth education foundation.

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