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Kylie Doye

Director of Learning Design

Kylie Doye is the Acting Academic Director at OES for Monash Online. Passionate about delivering quality online education to students worldwide, Kylie Doye is a dedicated and results-driven academic leader. With a focus on student outcomes and a commitment to excellence, Kylie leads the development and implementation of innovative and engaging learning experiences for Monash Online.

“My role is to ensure that our students receive the highest quality online education that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations,” says Kylie. “I am proud to be part of the OES team, where we are dedicated to transforming the online education landscape and making a positive impact on students’ lives.”

She brings a wealth of experience in education and leadership to her role from her time as the Director of Learning Design at Online Education Services (OES). Prior to joining OES, Kylie served on committees and boards within the Victorian government and community, and ran a successful small business for 10 years.

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