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Internships at OES | Jasmine Birmingham

09 August, 2023

At OES, we believe in investing in the future and that starts with our interns. Our interns bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table, and we value their contributions to our teams. Not only do they gain valuable hands-on experience in their field, but they also have the opportunity to work on real projects and make an impact on our company.

Meet Jasmine Birmingham, who studied a Bachelor of Business at Monash University, and undertook an internship in OES’s Marketing department as part of her final semester of study.

We sat down with Jasmine to discuss her experience, and future career aspirations.

What did you study at university? How did the responsibilities of your internship role relate to your studies?

I completed a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing and Management.

I was able to apply the responsibilities I was given as an intern at OES to better understand new concepts at university. The knowledge that I’ve gained during my internship has enabled me to change the way I look at marketing and brands in my everyday life, not just at university.

What made you choose OES to do your internship?

I started off in Student Operations as a Student Advisor, answering calls and delivering support to students. I moved across to the Marketing department for my internship, because I loved the working environment so much that I asked my senior if there would be any opportunities to do an internship in Marketing, and there was!

How long were you interning at OES?

From August 2022 until November 2022.

What responsibilities were given to you as an intern?

I was able to complete a broad range of marketing tasks which included:

  •  Creating Instagram content and community management
  •  Helping to organise attendance at a graduation ceremony
  •  Sourcing students for a new student content producer program
  •  Learning how to update content on websites

What skills have you gained from the experience?

I’ve learnt to use a variety of different marketing programs and organising tools. I’ve been able to observe the creation of an advertising strategy, which has given me a lot of insight into the marketing campaign process. I have also come to understand all the different parts that are involved in producing ideas and the process involved in bringing them to life.

Have you found that your mentors were supportive during your internship and towards your future career?

My mentors have helped me apply the knowledge that I have learned at university in real marketing situations. They always set me tasks that will help expand my knowledge, and when setting these tasks, they always made sure that I was fully aware of what I needed to do before leaving me to complete the task.

What do you like the most about the support and culture of OES?

The entire marketing team at OES are very supportive of each other. When I first started, everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves and explain what they did in the team. They always offered their support and continued to reiterate that they were there to help me if I needed anything.

How did you combine your studies with your internship commitments?

My internship was 2 days a week and university was also 2 days a week. This was a great balance and gave me the opportunity to not be too overwhelmed with all the new information that I’d been given in my internship. It also made my last semester at university very different from any other. With a little bit of workplace experience now, I was able to apply the knowledge that I learned at university to practical situations in my internship.

What does the future look like for you?

I have just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree at the end of 2022, and I am hoping to expand my knowledge in the Marketing field over the next few years.